Gerardo Sacco celebrates with a new masterpiece the 50 years of AIS

Calabria is the first Italian region that lights up the torch of passion, ready to make the tour of Italy.
22 regional delegates, or rather the torchbearers, will lead it across each region of Italy ending the tour in Milan on the day of the official presentation of Expo 2015, scheduled Sunday, July 7.

But what celebration is it?

AIS, the Italian Sommelier Association, is 50 years old, a goal that can’t be celebrate with all his children gatered together. For this reason It decided to visit and embrace them symbolically through this special relay of torchbearers.
The Teda can only be represented by “Tastevin”, symbol of the sommelier and tool of the art of tasting.

The work in 925/000 silver embossed and engraved entirely by hand is a unique work of the artisan goldsmith Calabrian Gerardo Sacco.
It reproduces a Tastevin of 800gr metal lunar and a diameter of 30cm, with 22 bubbles and pearls, their recesses of the famous tool of sommelier, representing the Italian delegates with the center playing Dionysus.

The work will be presented by the Master Gerardo Sacco to “Calabria Wine Charming”, food and wine event dedicated to the marriage of women and wine, which will be held Sunday, March 8th in Lamezia Terme Palazzo Nicotera, from 6 to 9pm.
The event is sponsored by the sommelier of  the Italian Sommelier Association – Calabria Delegation, in collaboration with the Association of Women of Wine and the administration of the City Of Lamezia Terme.